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"As we emerge from a difficult year, our teachers, our students, and our administrators need our support. Schools reflect our community. I am committed to tackling the challenges ahead and I will work hard to help our children thrive."


Juliet Walker is the parent of school-age children and a city planner. She has worked with communities throughout New England on their most pressing issues. For twenty years, she has been an active member of the Newburyport community, serving on the Charter Review Committee, the YWCA Board of Directors, as well as running her own business. She was active in the Port Pride Community Building project to support construction of the new Bresnahan Elementary School. She helped lead a safer routes to school initiative which brought grant funding to improve sidewalks and bike lanes to our schools. She has served for two years on the Newburyport High School Council. She is ready to bring her extensive expertise in government administration to the Newburyport School Committee. She knows that strong communities create strong public school systems.

After weathering a global pandemic, our schools will continue to face unprecedented challenges. Juliet is the experienced leader we need to help address present needs while preparing for the future. She will:

  • Advocate for safe, healthy, and supportive schools

  • Foster a world-class curriculum

  • Exemplify collaborative and effective leadership

  • Reduce user fees for extra-curricular activities

  • Create an environment of accountability and excellence

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